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Do you have a toothache or an abscessed tooth? If so, we can help. We are the Cobb Root Canals and we are the best Marietta GA root canal doctor that you will need. Our team of highly trained professionals will ensure that your experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We’ll make sure to answer all your questions about root canals before treatment begins, so there are no surprises along the way. You won’t find another dentist who cares more about their patients than us!

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures performed today because they save teeth from extraction and restore them back to full function. But if you don’t know what a root canal is, it might sound scary—and it doesn’t have to be! A root canal procedure is actually quite simple when performed by our experienced East Cobb root canal doctor at Cobb Root Canals.

Root canals are an effective way to save teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay or injury

Root Canals are important procedures because they save teeth. We know that a root canal procedure can be scary, but it’s actually not complicated when performed by experienced root canal doctors. If a root canal procedure is not performed there is a high chance that the tooth may become abscessed, at which point an extraction will be necessary. Missing teeth can have a dramatic effect on your oral health for many reasons.

The procedure is performed in the dentist's office and typically takes one hour

A root canal procedure is typically done between 2 and 3 visits. The first visit usually takes about an hour to complete, but the following visits are typically shorter as the tooth is permanently filled in.

During a root canal procedure, a local anesthetic is administered and a small hole is created at the end of the root. This accesses the nerve chamber inside of your tooth, which allows us to clean out the infected space and place a protective filling inside. Most patients are comfortable during the procedure, but some may experience discomfort due to pressure or exposure to heat or cold.

A root canal may be necessary when a tooth has become infected or injured due to decay or trauma.

Accidents happen and when a tooth is harmed in some way from decay, trauma, or other reasons a root canal might be the best bet a doctor has to help with your oral health. It is a way to relieve you from the pain that you may be experiencing when biting or chewing, and it can give you back a healthy smile that will give others great smiles too.

You do not have to have tooth pain any longer, Cobb Root Canals has the most experienced Marietta GA root canal doctor available. Call Dr. Saraf Endodontics Specialist for a Consultation at  770.590.4884 about a root canal or related procedures. Our Marietta Root Canal team can help you get your smile back in shape in a fast and healthy way. So make an appointment with us so that we can assist you with all of your oral health needs.

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