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Are you experiencing pain in your tooth?

If so, it could be a sign of a root canal. A root canal is an effective way to save your tooth and prevent further damage. It’s also one of the most common dental procedures performed today. The Hiram Root Canal specialists at Cobb Root Canals, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality care possible at affordable rates. We offer free consultations for all new patients!

What is a root canal procedure and how does it work?

A root canal is a common procedure performed to remove all of the infected tissue within the tooth. This allows us to clear out any infection deep within your tooth. During a root canal, we remove all of the nerve and pulp from the inside of your tooth by gently cleaning it out with specialized tools.

Once we have made sure the area of the tooth is cleaned out thoroughly, we place a filling into a prepared area of the hollowed-out root canal. This is typically referred to as a "root canal post" and it will be left there permanently to make sure your tooth lasts as long as possible! Finally, our experienced doctors place a crown over the entire procedure to ensure that your tooth becomes strong and healthy

Potential Root Canal Costs

The cost of the root canal can vary depending on insurance. We will also check your insurance benefits and let you know what the co-pay is for treatments before we start them so that there are no surprises. This way it's easy for everyone involved and that you only need to pay for the feeds that the insurance does not cover. We also offer a number of financing options for your convenience. Please contact our office to learn more. Patients are encouraged to fax us their insurance information in advance so we can verify benefits.

The Risks and Benefits of a Root Canal

The benefits of a root canal out weight the risks. It is an effective treatment for saving the tooth which will improve the look, feel, and function of your smile. This can be integral to your self-esteem as you are aware of the importance of having a healthy mouth.

Root canal therapy is usually done under local anesthesia with additional sedation available if needed. It's a painless procedure and with proper aftercare, the potential limiting of food and drinks you can eat will be minimal. The most important benefit of a root canal is that it will prevent the potential extraction of your tooth. While some of the other benefits are better appearance, less pain from the tooth, and less swelling.

The minimal risk of a root canal are:

  • soreness after the procedure
  • erosion of the filling and or seal that is applied to the fixed tooth

You don’t have to live with this pain any longer! Call Dr. Saraf Endodontics Specialist for a consultation at 770.590.4884 about a root canal or related procedures. If you are in pain or discomfort, we offer same-day appointments in emergency situations.

Our Hiram GA root canal specialists will help relieve your discomfort. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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